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The Carpet Cleaning Service in Montgomery, AL for Pristine Results

Carpets can hold in dirt, allergens, dust, and more, which can affect the appearance of the carpet itself while also affect the overall cleanliness of the property. Standard vacuuming might not do the job with the efficiency that you desire. With our carpet cleaning service, you’ll have the quality results that you desire. Don’t worry about having dirty carpets when you have experts like us to refresh them for you. Colorclean Complete Floor Care can thoroughly clean your carpets and leave you with the pristine results that you’re looking for, no matter its current condition.

Carpet Cleaner

The Services We Can Provide

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
We perform thorough carpet cleaning services for each one of our clients and can guarantee excellent results. We use the proper cleaning machines, equipment, products, and more to ensure that the job is done right from start to finish. With our services, you'll have properly cleaned carpets in no time.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning
Aside from cleaning carpets, we can also clean your upholstery. This includes couches, chairs, ottomans, mattresses, and more. You'll have properly cleaned surfaces in no time once our experts are done with the job. We can guarantee the quality of our services, no matter the details of the task.

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning
We're experts that can also handle tile cleaning tasks so that you have appealing floors. We use the proper cleaning products for your tiled surfaces to ensure that you get clean results without damaging the surface. Leave the job to our professionals and rest assured that it will be done right. 

Grout Cleaning

Grout Cleaning
When cleaning the tiles, we'll also clean the grout in between the tiles. The grout is often ignored when cleaning floors, but it can make a big difference in terms of the appearance of the floors. We can get down and dirty to clean it for you, leaving behind a transformed look.

The Benefits Our Experts Can Provide

Each carpet cleaner is determined to provide you with the quality that you’re looking for. We know how to thoroughly and properly clean carpets to remove any allergens, dirt, dust, and more that may be stuck within the fibers. We extract this from your carpets, leaving behind good-looking and fresh-smelling surfaces. Trust that our team in Montgomery, AL will handle the job to your liking.

How We Do It

Whether it’s our upholstery cleaning service that you need or standard services to have your carpets cleaned, we can tend to the job. You’ll always be left with exceptional results when you work with us. No matter how often you need to have your carpet or upholstery cleaned, we make sure to work with your schedule and complete the job for you. Colorclean Complete Floor Care is a company that you need to keep your property and surfaces in pristine condition.

If you need our trusty carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Montgomery, AL, just give us a call now to schedule your appointment!

Client’s Testimonial

I thought I might need to replace my Carpet! Nope!

After having renters in my rental for 5 years, the carpet was terrible! I started getting quotes for a replacement. We remembered that we used you guys previously for the same home and we thought you did a great job then. This time it was phenomenal! Great service and prices. We definitely recommend Colorclean to all of my family and Friends.

Colorclean Complete Floor Care
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