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4 Tips From a Carpet Cleaning Service for a Clean Carpet in Winter

Taking Active Steps in Protecting Your Carpet During Winter

Winter is a hard season for indoor carpets, which will see more grime, mud, slush, salt, and sand tracked over it in the cold than in any other season. And since winter lasts here for several months of the year, it is important to take active steps to protect your carpet from its worst effects of it. Here are 4 tips from a carpet cleaning service for keeping your carpets clean during winter and into the muddy spring season!

Keep your sidewalks and porch shoveled

I know, we detest shoveling too, but guess what? You can’t track in mounds of snow if there isn’t any stuck to your boots – Shovel those walks! Keeping your sidewalks shoveled will also help in keeping your carpets clean during winter.

Add additional mats at the entrance to trap soil

Purchase an inexpensive synthetic mat with a short, tight pile. Whether you’re layering this mat over the top of a wall-to-wall carpet or placing it on a hard surface, it will help absorb the soil and snow from the bottom of your boots.

Invest in a boot tray

Purchasing a boot tray like this will give your family (and guests!) a visual cue for where to put their soiled footwear. Boot trays are great because they’ll also hold the muddy, grimy water that melts off your boots and shoes, along with any sand and gravel.

If you have a dog, teach them to wipe their paws

This is a fun trick for your dog to learn! Once they learn the behavior, you can cue them to “wipe” when they come in. Now, instead of having to deal with the aftermath of your pet bolting up the stairs with muddy paws, you’ll have cleaner carpets and a neat trick to show off to visitors.

Whenever you need a quality carpet cleaning service in Montgomery, AL, you can always trust Colorclean Complete Floor Care to help you. For inquiries and information, feel free to contact me at (334) 286-9994 today.

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